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Valentines Day

How many of you celebrate Valentines Day? Valentines Day has become a very commercial holiday. Before Christmas is even over you can walk into stores and see hearts everywhere and Valentine's cards and candies. There will be thousands of people will purchase flowers, candy, jewelry, and cards. There are many who loves to stay home and enjoy a nice home cooked dinner while others love to dress up and enjoy a night out on the town. I have also heard some say that to them it is just another day. While thousands spend the day celebrating love I hope we do not forget the reason why we have Valentine's day.

When Valentine's day comes to mind there are several that think of hearts and a cute little cupid holding a gold bow and love arrow.

Nevertheless, there are a few different stories about how Valentines Day originated yet what is harmonious across the various stories is that Saint Valentine was actually Pastor Saint Valentine. Pastor Saint Valentine of Rome is said to have been martyred on February 14, 269 AD for spending his time providing biblical teachings. There was an article that said if you do the math that it would be exactly 1750 years ago today. ( Additionally, in the same article, it stated that there was apparently another Pastor Valentine that too was said to be martyred in 271 AD by the Roman authorities for teaching the same Biblical truths while also supporting passion and faithfulness in a romantic sense. While I was reading a different article about Valentine's day ( I discovered that the first posted Valentine occurred around 1806. Christmas is the only other holiday where there are more cards are purchased then Valentines Day.

There have been countless sacrifices made so that we may have the opportunity to determine whether or not we chose to celebrate Valentines Day. Still, even if we chose not to celebrate it as a holiday of love we should still acknowledge it as a celebration honoring at least two Pastor Saint Valentines for their devoted love and dedication to spreading the word of God.

I chose to celebrate Valentines Day not exclusively with my husband who I married on Valentines Day 10 years ago but also with my children, family, and friends. Nevertheless, we should show faith, love, and kindness every day not exclusively to our families but to everyone. I myself strive every day to show my love and appreciation for others not merely by my words but with my actions. However, it can be nice to celebrate love and Pastor Saint Valentin.

Leave in the comments below how you celebrate Valentine's day.

Happy Pastor Saint Valentines Day!

Peace & Love

Krissy Mowen

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